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Using the Power of Visualization & Vocalization During Pregnancy & Birth

Using the Power of Visualization & Vocalization During Pregnancy & Birth

I had many inspiring moments during my pain free birth, one of the most important was being able to experience the power of my mind and body and soul working together as one unit to birth Miriam.

I didn’t plan on having a pain free birth, actually, I didn’t even know something like that was possible. As I have now had time to reflect on my birth experience, I remember clearly during the car ride home from hospital that I was truly in awe., I had an overwhelm of reverence for my minds power to control the pain in my body during birth which looked something like this:

As my labor began, with each contraction my body was going through, I used the power of visualization and imagined that my pelvis, womb and cervix were jelly, yes jelly. This wasn’t planned, I hadn’t decided to use visualization as a birth technique, in fact I wasn’t aware that this type of technique existed. It was a natural instinct, some sort of intuitive process, that my body, mind & soul were asking me to use to gently birth my daughter. Even though I had no pain, after about an hour of visualization and walking and talking with my husband about his greatest dreams and aspirations (which I would love to share …another time!) my inner voice told me to go to the hospital where to my complete surprise, I was told I was around 8 cm dilated.

I continued to visualize jelly as I labored and added a new dimension to this experience: vocalization, yes vocalization. I was now singing JELLY as well. I continued on, pain free, with the visualization and vocalization and gently birthed Miriam!

Since this worked for me, I shared it with my friends and other expecting parents for them to try as well. If this is something you would like to try, you can get started during your pregnancy by:

-Finding a quiet place to connect to your mind, body & soul.

-Placing your hands on your belly and close your eyes

-Breathing softly into your womb and ask your baby for any ideas of visuals you can use to birth them.

-Giving yourself a few peaceful moments let your baby guide you as visualize your labor together.

-Gently open your eyes and thank your baby for the experience together

-Journal any images, ideas, thoughts, feelings that came up that can prepare you for your birth.

Would love to hear about your experience, it can be inspiring for us all if you would like to share in the comments.

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